Family says faith gives them strength as home falls into river

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CHOCTAW, Okla. - Gary and Rhonda Buford can only sit back and watch their home slowly slip away.

Heavy rains and flooding continue to erode the bank of the North Canadian River.

They've already lost a barn; it's just a matter of time before their house goes as well.

"The river's come up, it's gone down some but it's still saturated and it's still falling," Rhonda Buford said. "The next time there's a great big rain or they let the water out at the Oklahoma River then it'll crest up here and it`ll take the rest of this out."

Thanks to an army of volunteers, the couple saved most of their belongings.

With the help from complete strangers, they packed everything into boxes and Uhaul trucks.

"That is totally the Oklahoma way," Buford said. "And Channel 4's way because you all have been excellent in what you've done for us."

But it's still hard.

Buford says their faith has been what's kept them going and without it, they wouldn't have made it this far.

"I believe in Him totally and when I thought I couldn't go another minute without screaming and having a fit, He just gave me the strength I needed," Buford said.