Families being displaced by storm’s collateral damage

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MOORE, OK — Families in Moore are losing their homes. They weren’t destroyed by tornadoes, but they were collateral damage from May’s storms. That means those residents will have to move out.

After weathering two different tornadoes, the people at “The Fairways” at Moore apartments at the 800 block of S.W. 19th St. thought they were some of the lucky few who escaped damage to their homes.

Water leaks soon proved that wrong and now some residents are being told by management they have to move out, so their apartments can be repaired.

It’s a decision that has one family saying goodbye to Moore, Oklahoma.

Lesley Glass was a tenant that was forced out of apartment says, “We’re hoping to find a home. But it’s not going to be here in Moore. There’s nothing available in Moore.”

The Red Cross says they are still waiting to hear from apartment management as to what their exact needs are. Once they do, the Red Cross will be offering assistance to the displaced families.

Here are some storm photos from viewers. Big storms struck may 20th and May 31st.