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Child with cancer donates hair to others

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It's a way that people all across the country can give back to people battling cancer.

While it's not uncommon for adults to donate their hair, a 7-year-old child who is also battling cancer is giving back to others in need.

Mollie Musgrove has suffered from skin cancer most of her life.

Her mother said, "It's been really rough. They found three tumors in her arm."

She was born with a rare birth mark, which resulted in a positive test for skin cancer.

The little girl has gone through five surgeries and still another tumor has been found.

Despite the worries about her health, she has decided on a certain style change that could help others.

Musgrove said, "So, I thought I would donate my hair to children who don't have hair."

Her hair will go to Locks of Love; the organization takes donated hair and makes wigs for kids who suffer with rare diseases that result in long-term hair loss.

If families do not receive a donated wig, it could cost them up to $6,000.

Mollie knows what it's like to be sick but her attitude stays intact.

Her mother said, "She's generous and giving and just has the biggest heart ever."

She said, "I love my hair."