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Thief steals priceless items from Peace Corps volunteers

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For Keah Payne, her memories of Malawi, Africa, are priceless.

She and her husband were Peace Corps. volunteers there for three years.

"These journals are three years of my life," she said.

Keah recorded everything in eight journals.

"I had hope to type them up and make a book out of them."

Monday night many of those memories disappeared when someone broke into Keah's car parked outside her south Oklahoma City home in the 7900 block of Hillcrest Drive.

"First thing that I saw beside the glass and the open window was I saw my front seat empty and thought there was a bag here," she said.

What they took, Mary Kay Cosmetics and some bank statements husband Bryan Payne said they needed for purchase of their new home.

"I took care of the bank stuff and put a lock on the bank stuff so they couldn't use it."

But the real heartbreaker, one of her journals from Africa was taken.

"I would like to ask to whoever took the journal to please give it back," she said.

Keah said it is irreplaceable.

She is now pleading with the thief to have a heart.

"That's my worse fear is that whoever took the bag will have no use and throw it away," she said.

Keah said all she wants is it's safe return, no questions asked.

"They can throw it over the fence drop it on the mailbox," she said. "Don't care how they get it back to me. Send it to Channel 4, that'd be great."

If you know where the journal might be, you can send it to us at News Channel 4 and we will get it back to her.

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