Truck travels the country to help Moore schools

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MOORE, Okla.– A truck full of books, clothing, water and other supplies traveled halfway across the country to help those recovering from the Moore tornadoes.

Gale Valente, the truck’s owner, said they were overweight at 10 weigh stations.

However, once hearing the story of their amazing journey and willingness to help, each station sent them on their way.

Valente owns a food pantry in St. Petersburg, Fla. so she feeds as many as 1,000 mouths a month.

She says she would quit her job if she could find a way to help people full-time.

“I’ve lived through hurricane damage. It’s devastation,” said Valente. “Everyone needs help. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, we are all God’s people and we need to help everybody.”

Valente traveled all the way from St. Petersburg to Moore to help provide teachers everything they needed to continue help the students they love.

After receiving a call from a middle school in Tampa who wanted to help, she immediately went into gear and started the 1,300 mile trek.

Her destination was Eastlake Cumberland Church, who had already collected nearly 15,000 books to help create libraries at the schools that were destroyed.

Currently, the books for the “Moore books for Moore kids” campaign are being held in a Sunday school room.

However, she didn’t think it would take long before that room was full.

“After we fill it today I think that’s it for that room,” laughed Valente.