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Veteran’s tires stolen from handicap-accessible SUV

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond family is still in shock after the scene they found in their driveway Monday morning. Rusty and Angie Dunagan have four children with another one on the way.

They have a large vehicle to accommodate their brood, as well as Rusty, who is handicapped.

"I was conducting combat operations in southern Kandahar when a buddy of mine stepped on a land mine that was connected to a 45-pound bomb," Rusty Dunagan said.

Dunagan lost both legs above the knee and his left arm at the elbow that day back in September of 2010. After extensive rehab in San Antonio, the Dunagan family moved back home to Oklahoma in April.

"You leave, you know, like central San Antonio to come here to a quiet neighborhood, to get, you know, your tires jacked," Rusty Dunagan said.

In the quiet Edmond neighborhood of Trails North, the Dunagans woke up to find the tires gone on their Yukon Denali.

"I was just in total shock," Angie Dunagan said.

Stickers decorating the Denali declare it belongs to someone in the military and the chair lift on the back signals it belongs to someone disabled.

"It is just very sad that you did this knowing you know what's on our vehicles and you still went ahead and did it and it just shows what kind of person they are," Angie Dunagan said.

The blocks holding up the SUV were stolen as well. They came from the garden border of the home across the street.

Annalisa, just 3 years old, missed out on the family's planned trip to the zoo.

"It's our family vehicle," Rusty said. "Me being disabled, we have such a big family, that's how we travel together."

But the Dunagan family is strong. Having survived much bigger trials, they're keeping this latest hurdle in perspective.

"They're just tires, they can be replaced," Rusty Dunagan said.

The Dunagans do have insurance. Their insurance company is currently searching for the right sized tires to replace the stolen ones.