Walgreens agrees to $80 million fine

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NEW YORK– A national pharmacy chain has agreed to pay the largest fine ever handed out to a drug store.

Walgreens has agreed to pay a record $80 million fine for claims that it failed to properly control sales of narcotic painkillers.

Officials with the Drug Enforcement Administration say many of the prescriptions handed out by Walgreens made their way to the black market.

Those drugs included Oxycodone.

Authorities also claim Walgreens failed to report suspicious sales.

During the past year, authorities have targeted several major wholesalers of prescription painkillers, as well as drug stores.

Prescription painkillers are involved in some 16,000 overdose deaths each year.

Under the agreement, Walgreens must establish better internal controls.

The Walgreen Company issued a statement Tuesday saying it is “fully committed to do our part to reduce prescription drug abuse.”