Colo. fires continue to burn, destroy million dollar homes

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo.-- A handful of wildfires are still out of control in Colorado.

Authorities say four are burning Thursday with the most destructive just outside of Colorado Springs.

Nearly 100 homes have been destroyed, including multimillion dollar properties that are now just rubble.

Crews were mopping up hot spots Thursday morning, and are credited with saving 300 homes in the fire fight.

However, 10,000 people have been displaced, just waiting to see if they still have a home to come back to after the fire.

For three days, the Black Forest Fire has swept across 50 square miles of land.

Making matters worse, the fire split on Wednesday, leading assaults in two different directions.

Terry Maketa, El Paso County Sheriff, said, "It's still quite volatile and we are throwing everything at this we possibly can."

Officials say the fire is still being fueled by dry brush and harsh winds.

Fortunately, a change in weather conditions should help firefighters make some progress.

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