Family surprised by birth of 6-legged calf

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ANADARKO, Okla. — A ranching family near Anadarko hit a strange sort of jackpot and it’s drawing the attention of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

The Myers family has owned their ranch for five generations, so they’re used to calves being born.

However, a few weeks ago they found a newborn calf with six legs. His name, Spiderman.

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"My neighbor called," Justin Myers said. "And it was actually on a place that his dad owns that I rent. And he said 'I was down south of the pond and you have a six-legged calf.' And I thought he was crazy."

It sounded crazy but it was true.

It's a rare condition called Polymelia, a birth defect of the limbs.

"I've been a vet for 22 years and I've seen this calf and a lamb with extra limbs and I've had two calves born with extra heads," Dr. Wesley Booth said. "So that makes four of them, which is probably more than my share."

The extra legs are not hurting Spiderman.

He's happy and healthy and certainly gives the community a lot to talk about.

Josey Myers said, "My friend shows sheep and she was like 'wow that's weird.'"

Weird pets are one thing this family knows all about.

They currently have a gentle two-ton Brahma bull named Gus that roams around the property looking for affection.

When asked about the future of Spiderman and his extra legs, the family says they might have them removed as long as it won't hurt him at all.

"If it's something that's going to endanger his life we'll probably just keep him as a novelty, kind of like Gus here," Myers said.

A little guy with a lot of legs that's getting a lot of attention.

"We were just lucky," Kim Myers said. "We were just blessed to get him and the fact that he's healthy."

In addition to becoming part of the family, Spiderman also shares a birthday with the Myers' daughter Lacey.

Below is how the full story aired:

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