Melanoma on the rise among men

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It’s almost father’s day and as we get ready to celebrate the dad in our life, doctors say there is a lingering threat for those men in your life.

Experts say melanoma is one of the leading causes of cancer for men.

Dr. Rutledge Forney said, “In the last 10 years, every year, the number of melanomas have increased by about nine percent in men over 65. It’s a serious epidemic.”

Doctors say older Caucasian men are at a very high risk for the disease, but anyone can be affected.

He said, “If we catch a melanoma early, 99 percent of them are curable. If we don’t catch it until it’s advanced, then 85 percent of people will die from melanoma.”

Doctors say you need to look out for asymmetry of freckles.

He said, “If you can take a lesion and cut it in half and the two sides don’t match, that’s a warning sign.”

The second sign is irregular borders and two different colors.

Experts say they also look at the diameter since moles bigger than the size of a pencil eraser have a greater risk of developing cancer.

Also, check to make sure the dots aren’t evolving or changing.

Dermatologists recommend men over 40 who are Caucasian, have a history of sunburn, who have fair skin or numerous moles get an annual skin check.

Family history also raises the risk for skin cancer.

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