Moore overwhelmed with water, still needs supplies

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MOORE, Okla.--When you drive down the streets of Moore, it may be hard to take your eyes off the damage.

However, community leaders say if you did, you might notice the large amount of water left behind.

Some places have even stopped accepting cases to make room for other necessities.

Since the tornado hit Moore on May 20, Serve Moore has received more than 3,000 cases of water and they're just one out of hundreds of disaster relief groups gathering supplies.

Holly Shockley, member of Serve Moore, said, "I've never seen so much water in my life."

Shockley joined the group from Frontline Church and said too much water is a good problem to have.

After all, it helps hydrate the 40,000 Serve Moore volunteers who are lending a hand during this difficult time.

She said, "There were people affected by the storms who had nothing left, driving the streets and giving volunteers water."

Serve Moore's purpose is to move from recovery mode to the re-building stage.

In order to do that, they need hard helmets and safety goggles.

Sean Britt said, "It's just something that was weighing on my heart."

Britt came from Longview, Wash. with three friends to help.

His group includes three carpenters and one laborer.

Britt said whether they unload trucks, answer phones or help remove debris, they'll do their best work.

He said, "Oklahoma is so loving and caring and sharing that we felt the need to give back to that."

Shockley said, "The fact that the community, outer-communities and this nation loves us enough to bring water and to bring equipment, it's just unbelievable."

Apart from hard hats and safety goggles, Serve Moore could use power washers, building materials such as drills, hammers and nails and ice to help keep the water they have cool.

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