Security Vs. Privacy: NSA assures public that programs work

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WASHINGTON -- With outrage erupting over the revelation of his secret surveillance programs, the head of NSA, General Keith Alexander, came to an open hearing Wednesday to assure congress and the public that the programs work.

"Its dozens of terrorist events that these have helped prevent," Alexander said.

He says he's working to declassify and release the details

"I want the american people to know we're being transparent in here," added Alexander

Some lawmakers knew about the surveillance while lawmakers say they did not know and do not approve

"They were talking about targeting, targeting targeting targeting the people they we're gathering information on. Now we're at a point where they're doing broad sweeps," said democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana.

"The presumption is we've got to surveil everyone so we can get some one and i'm not sure that is true, added democratic Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

Meanwhile a Hong Kong newspaper put Ed Snowden on page one, reporting the NSA leaker is still in Hong Kong, asking its people and courts to let him stay.

"Not to hide from justice but to reveal criminality." said the low level NSA contractor.

Whose leak has put the head of NSA and two huge NSA programs on the hotseat.

Alexander meanwhile testified he has concerns about how ed Snowden got hired and got access to both secret programs.

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