Volunteer Work Crew Robbed

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- When Lazarus Ramos and his crew pulled into the Studio Six Motel just off I-35 Tuesday night, they were tired and hoped to get some rest after working to clear storm debris in Moore for three weeks.

They came to Oklahoma City from Houston as volunteers.

Lazarus Ramos says, "I do this because I like to share my blessings. You know to me we are all Christians; we are all humans, and you know to me this is one more way to share the blessing from my life."

They woke up the next morning victims of crime. All their equipment was gone. It was stolen from a parking spot near the front door of the motel they say.

"That's everything we have, and you know, we are pretty much screwed right now. Everything is gone," Lazarus Ramos explains.

There was a truck, trailer, Bobcat, and other heavy tools. In all about $16,000 worth of items were gone in an instant overnight. Everything this crew had to get back home to south Texas.

Jennifer Wardlow with the OKC PD says, "You have these people here, they are helping victims of the tornado and then they themselves are victims.”

Now the search is on to recover the property which is very distinctive. These folks are left wondering why it happened in the first place.

Victor Hudson, a friend of the volunteers says, "All of the sudden, everything was stolen. It's just like, what was the reason of coming out here for?"

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