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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The film is called 'Worm'.

As in most small budget movies the director, Andrew Bowser, is also the star.

Now there are two really amazing aspects to this full length motion picture.

The first, in more than 90 minutes of running time, there is only one, cleverly concealed, video edit.

The second, it was all shot with one camera angle, with a miniature Go-Pro camera attached to the actor.

"We were trying to figure out what to shoot this on," admits Producer Ian Woods who was in on the planning stages of 'Worm'.

Woods also gets credits as actor and crew member on this film.

Also, "sound guy, I mean I wore like ten different hats in this movie."

He's an Edmond North graduate.

'Worm' shot over Labor Day weekend, 2012.

All the locations were in and around the city of Guthrie, including one scene at the old Blue Belle Saloon.

"What was the concept for 'Worm'," asks a visitor to the Dead Center Film Festival where 'Worm' had one of its first screenings.

"The concept started from just wanting to make a movie from the Snorricam perspective," replied Woods. "Just having a camera right there facing the actor the whole time."

"We made a wooden rig that kind of comes off the chest and is attached to a Baby Bjorn."

So why does a movie about a loser involved in a hideous crime speak to someone like me?

Well the story is interesting, but the process is really intriguing.

For the past several years now, you've been able to follow me in much the same way, with a Go Pro camera mounted on another camera, giving the viewing audience an extra, personal angle on story and storyteller.

The crew of 'Worm' spent more than a month meticulously planning their shoot.

They spent another couple of months adding layers of sound in post production.

What comes out is a film you won't find anywhere else but at a film festival in Oklahoma City, and, producers hope someday, a screen near you.

'Worm' won a Special Jury Prize at the DeadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City in June.

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