Parents of mauling victim speak out

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JESSIEVILLE, AR -- We have new information involving an Oklahoma couple whose home was damaged in last month's tornado. Their heartache was just beginning.

NewsChannel 4 reported, their five-year-old son, Ayden Evans, was mauled to death last weekend by a dog.

The little boy was staying with a relative in Arkansas while his parents worked to rebuild; back here in Oklahoma.

Ayden's parents talked about the death of their son.

"I want to see him and hear him," Mica Evans says.

Ayden Evans liked spaghetti and riding sports bikes.

"He was my baby. We were close. We were very, very close," Mica Evans tearfully recalls.

He also liked the Ninja Turtles. Her mother clutches a small toy his parents now hold close.

"My birthday was June 8th and he died June 9th," Mica says.

Garland County deputies say the five-year-old died inside a Jessieville, Arkansas home after being attacked by a dog last Sunday. His mom says Ayden was staying with her sister for the summer when he was allowed to go to a neighbor's home. That neighbor had a bull mastiff.

"I've been told he came home from church and was eating lunch and throwing a fit, I guess, and the dog came from another room and attacked him. I don't know the people he was with. [We] never met them,” Ayden’s parents, Greg Moore and Mica Evans say.

After getting the news, Adyen's parent drove the six hours from Oklahoma to Arkansas to carry their son back home.

"From what we gather from the funeral director is that we are… he can't be seen, it has to be a closed casket. We still don't know the extent of the injury. We have to have him cremated," Greg Moore says.

Now, Ayden's family is planning a service to remember a bright kid who was excited about entering kindergarten next fall.

Ayden’s mom, Mica says, "He should be home. I should not be taking him home in an urn."

Ayden's parents say they think some kind of criminal charges should be filed against the owners of the dog.

NewsChannel 4 will continue to follow this case.