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Update: Police suspect homicide and shooting in MWC related

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MIDWEST CITY, OK -- There were two shootings Thursday. One of them deadly, but both may be related. The case involves two victims with the shooter still on the loose.

Thursday shortly after 2:00 pm, police responded to a shooting call at 419 Tinker Diagonal. Officers located Laron McCoy inside of an apartment. He was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Shortly after, a separate shooting call came in at 226 SE 45th. The victim of that shooting was Santonio Johnson. He was transported to Presbyterian Hospital where he was admitted.

Investigation revealed that Santonio Johnson had been at the apartments on Tinker Diagonal at the time the shooting occurred. He then went to SE Oklahoma City, where police were called.

At this time, no arrests have been made in connection with this homicide. Anyone with information is asked to call the Homicide Tip Line 405-297-1200.

With obvious heartbreak a grieving mother pleads for answers into the death of her son.

Donetta Ventera, the victim’s mother says, "Anybody has information on this homicide; please call the homicide detective because that was my child that got killed today."

It was around 2:00 in the afternoon. There was a shootout at some apartments near the Tinker Diagonal in Midwest City that left her son dead.

Neighbors say it happened during a loud argument. An argument that turned so violent that even the apartments across the parking lot from the scene were riddled with bullets.

And then a short time later there was another shooting on southwest Oklahoma City that looked awfully familiar.

"It is possible that these two incidents are related. Our investigators are on scene right now trying to determine if these shootings are related, and exactly what led up to this incident," Jennifer Wardlow, with the OKC Police Department, says.

Ms. Ventera arrived on scene at the apartment about an hour later. She told us it was her son Laron who died.

Investigators broke the news to her in the parking lot. Neighbors who live around the murder scene told us they were too scared to talk on camera about the crime. Meanwhile police say the case is open and no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call police.

Police have not officially released the name of the other person hurt in the second shooting only that they were taken to the hospital.