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Man sends KFOR email threatening Governor, Sheriff

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OKLAHOMA CITY, -- A McClain county man faces several charges after he sent an email to KFOR threatening to kill Governor Fallin, her family, and several sheriff's deputies.

The threats are all part of a rambling email sent by an account owned by Scott Helling. Much of it is hard to read, and laced with profanity. At one point the email says, "...enough is enough, time to shoot a cop, sheriff, or detective."

"The only thing I can figure is that he's lost everything, his family, his job, his house, and  he's just mad at the world," said Sheriff Don Hewett, one of those targeted by name in the email.

The investigation into the email turned criminal, and OSBI even launched an investigation.

 "Threatening me is one thing, but when you start threatening other people a large amount of people, that starts to get other people's attention," said Hewett.

Helling has been arrested on a complaint of computer fraud and threatening an act of violence. Both are serious charges and could carry felony sentences if he's convicted.

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