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Shipping container houses help tornado victims

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EL RENO -- We've all heard the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover." One Wisconsin-based company is applying that saying to special houses they build to help victims of natural disasters.

They may not look like much on the outside; but once the doors swing open it makes people who have lost everything feel right at home.

It looks like a normal 400 square foot shipping container on the outside - but on the inside it's a fully functional living space. Equipped with beds, a shower, a bathroom, kitchen sink, refrigerator, and even a full size leather couch, it's the perfect place to live while you rebuild your life.

That's exactly what Mark Mulanax is doing. He and his wife and three children are living in a MODS (modular on demand structure) while they pick up the pieces of their lives destroyed by the May 31st tornado.

"It's a complete house." Brian Fezatte said. "So when we set this thing down out here it's got everything that they need to survive right now."

These temporary emergency housing units are built by a company called MODS International. It's a new company that got its start during Hurricane Katrina building comfortable, sturdy living spaces for victims of natural disasters.

"The house is complete." Fezatte said. "You can sees that he's lost everything and now he's going to have a place to stay. He's got the linens in there already, he's got his bedding in there already."

Because the house is built inside shipping containers, they can go anywhere in the United States in just a few days and be set up in just an hour.

It's help that means the world to the families and the community.

"Anytime that you don't have faith in people, it takes a disaster to see that come back." Fire Chief Kent Lagaly said. "We saw that come back in Moore. If you lose a little faith in people sometimes it all comes back all of a sudden and people are just so giving from all over the country it's not just here in Oklahoma."

This MODS was donated by the founder and president of MODS International. The Mulanax family can stay there completely free until they rebuild their house. After that, the company will take the unit back and give it to another family who needs it.

This is the only MODS in Oklahoma right now, but MODS International is hoping they can send more soon.

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