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City law forcing woman to get rid of dogs

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WEWOKA, OK -- If you spend five minutes with Elwanda Walker, you can tell that she loves animals. She has almost a dozen dogs living at her house and that is illegal in her town.

She got a letter from the city of Wewoka telling her she needs to get rid of all but three of her dogs, and if she doesn't, they'll come and take them away and she'll be fined for each one.

It's an old law that states there's a three dog limit per household. It's now being strictly enforced after a series of dog attacks.

The city says they're not trying to single out Walker, but if they make an exception for her they have to make an exception for everyone. Walker is still hopeful they can come to an agreement.

"We all can come to a happy medium and work out everything for the good of the animals and the good of myself," she said.

Since her husband died in 2006, her dogs have been her biggest comfort.

"When I'm sad they all gather around me," Walker said. "They can feel my sadness and they try to make me feel better."

The city gave her until July to find homes for her furry family, but she says she'll leave town before giving them up.

"Looking at my babies and thinking I can't get rid of you. You are my kids. You don't get rid of your kids," Walker said. "No. They're not coming and taking them away."

The city says they're not trying to force her to leave, but they do need to do what's best for the community to keep everyone safe.

All of Walker's dogs are fixed and have up to date shots. Some of them are hers, and others she's keeping for friends.

Some of them do need to be adopted and you can call (405)-683-3302 if you think you can give one of them a good home.