One month later progress felt in Moore

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MOORE, OK — One month after the May 20th tornado, victims in Moore said they’ve made progress with rebuilding their homes and their lives.  They realize, however, they have a long way to go.

Jack Gullion’s house was damaged not only on May 20th but also in the May 31st tornado. His roof torn up so much that water from recent storms leaks through the ceiling into his home.   The house is still standing, but had to be completely gutted.

His family of four has been staying in a cramped motel room for 30 days.  Jack said it felt like six months. The sound of hammers on his roof is the sound of progress.

“I feel like right now that we’re just now getting to a place that we’re really going to be able to take off and go with it, and I expect in maybe in six months, we should be back in the house.”

Another thing you will see in Moore, dozens of American flags flying throughout the neighborhood.  One resident said the flags represent the spirit of hope that you have to have when you live in tornado alley.