Boyfriend uses brick to murder girlfriend

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A brutal attack leaves one woman dead in Oklahoma City. The victim died early Friday morning after being attacked by her boyfriend Thursday night.

The suspect allegedly used a brick to crush the victim's skull. Several people looked on as the suspect carried out his attack.

Emergency crews rushed the victim to the hospital but she eventually died from severe head trauma.

Running down the street, 21-year-old Tiffany Sams tried frantically to flee her attacker.

"She was running away and he was running behind her trying to wail on her," said one witness Terry Tarbutton.

"He had her cornered," said another witness Faith Carpenter.

Carpenter watched as the suspect finished his attack along her fence line. The man armed with a red brick and a larger cinder block.

"He had her on the ground and he was standing over the top of her with a cinder block bashing her with it," said Carpenter.

The suspect, 31-year-old Corey Brown, fled on foot before being arrested just a few blocks away.

"He must have been out of his mind because he's normally a good person," said Brown's friend Jason Glover.

Police records show Brown had a violent past including previous incidents of domestic violence, yet his friends are speechless over his arrest.

"This just blows my mind because he was a friend to me," said Glover.

"Everybody was telling him he needed to get rid of that girl because she was about to cause him some real trouble," said the suspect's cousin Nathan Payne. "I'm not saying he was right for what he did, but she pushed him into it."

"This man had no right to put his hands on my baby," said the victim's step father Joseph Gray.

Gray now wishes Tiffany had never gotten involved with the suspect.

"Tiffany was a good girl.  She didn't deserve this," said Gray. "She had a good heart and she cared for a lot of people."

The suspect remains behind bars in the Oklahoma County jail without bond. He refused to speak with officers after his arrest so it's unclear exactly what set off the violent altercation.

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