Catch the ‘supermoon’ this weekend

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Super Moon 2012 in Brazil

A “supermoon” comes out this weekend. It will be the brightest and appear to be the largest full moon of the year. It will grace the sky early Sunday as our neighboring satellite swings closer to Earth than is typical.

While the moon will appear 14 percent larger normal, skywatchers won’t be able to notice the difference with the naked eye. Still, astronomers say it’s worth looking up and appreciating the cosmos.

Some viewers may think the supermoon looks more dazzling but it’s actually an optical illusion. The moon looms larger on the horizon next to trees and buildings.

The moon will come within 222,000 miles of Earth and turn full around 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning in Oklahoma, making that the best time view this rare event.

High tides are forecast because of the moon’s proximity. This is expected of any “supermoon” event, but the effect is expected to be small.

Scientist say there is no proof that the “supermoon” causes high crime or bizarre behavior. It just makes the night brighter that usual.