Man says women stole Hibiscus plants from his home, twice

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Hide your plants; hide your shrubbery. That's what one homeowner in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City is telling NewsChannel 4 after his flowers were stolen from his front yard.

The victim says this happened not once, but twice in a matter of days. It’s believed to be the first reported garden robbery of the season. This one is being called a Hibiscus heist.

"We planted about 10 or 11 of them,” says homeowner Jason Pyle. “I was actually thinking the day before when I was leaving how beautiful they looked alternating colors and everything."

But now there’s only one plant left blooming. Pyle says he was looking out the window and just so happened to see a woman in his yard.

Before he could get outside she quickly grabbed the plants, hopped in her car and drove off.

"For them to be ripped out just like that by somebody who just doesn't care is upsetting, it’s hurtful," Pyle says.

That was Wednesday. The next day the pottery pick pocket was back again.

"I came over here [and] there were two plants missing around the exact same time around 10:00 am and 11:00 am."

In all, the thief made off with about seven Hibiscus plants.

"For somebody to have the gall to come in here, not once, but twice it really is infuriating, especially when we have spent so much time trying to beautify our house, “says Pyle.

Officials recommend using chicken wire at the root of your plants to prevent them from being pulled out so easily.