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Man Falls Through Floor of Motel Room

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man who was injured while staying at an Oklahoma City motel. He was trying to check out this morning when he suddenly fell through the floor and became stuck.

NewsChannel 4's Sara Celi talked to him this afternoon and the man says he was injured.

Lee Cartwright says he's upset tonight about an overnight stay that left him with a hospital bill.

It happened at this meridian Extended Stay Motel.

Cartwright says he just wanted to check out of the room.

"I carried some stuff to my pickup, and then I walked back in, and then as soon as I walked in, the concrete gave way," Lee Cartwright says.

Lee's leg plunged through the floor. The floor also happens to be the ceiling for a motel room below.

Jennifer Cartwright, his wife says, "There is a big old hole right inside the door, and they just covered it up with carpet, and he stepped in it."

This is the same motel where earlier this week part of the roof collapsed.

Debris fell on cars in the parking lot; leaving many vehicles dented and damaged.

"You could see the room below us. It was a humongous hole," Jennifer Cartwright says.

Lee's wife, Jennifer, took a photo of this latest incident. She and her husband say they want motel management held responsible for Lee's hospital bills.

Lee wound up with a wounded leg and some back injuries.

Cartwright says, "The only thing I could grab a hold of when I fell was the air conditioner, which only sits a foot and a half off the ground. It broke my fall some. My leg didn't go down on it, because I would have probably broke my leg.”

And he says, for a motel under construction it's clear this building needs serious work.

"I don't understand why they are doing all this cosmetic stuff when there is more important stuff that needs to be done," Cartwright says.

While NewsChannel 4 was out there today, we did speak with hotel staff and I asked for the manager. That person was not onsite and the staff we did speak with decline to comment.