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Man survives bobcat attack

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HOLDEN, Mass -- It was just another day for Michael Votruba until he finds a bobcat next to his house.

"I got home, got out of my truck, walked to the passenger door to grab some things and I looked over into the backyard and saw an animal scurrying across the backyard," said Votruba.

But unfortunately when he went to investigate, "The animal came out of the space between the carport and the house. At that point I heard it growling. I didn't see quite what the animal was so I took a couple steps away from the truck and away from the carport and I saw that it was a bobcat. I also saw that it had porky pine quills in its face. I didn't know what to think," he said.

The bobcat started to growl and began approaching Votruba.

"I carry, so I reached for my pistol in my pocket and I drew it and the thing kept coming at me and so I took a couple more steps back and I tripped. And at that point I'm lying on the ground. The bob cats coming right at me and it jumps on my legs," he said.

He kicked the bobcat off and was able to stand back up but then the bobcat jumped and landed on his chest. That’s when Votruba decided to shoot. But the bobcat was still alive.

“My girlfriend who was sitting in the living room is looking out the window and I think she just turned around because it all happened so fast. So she looked out the window and I must have looked like a ghost to her. I say go to the door, go to the door,” said Votruba.

She brought him a 22 rifle. He shot twice, but nothing. The bobcat was still growling at him. But the third shot worked. Holden Police said they don’t recommend shooting animals, but it was good Votruba was prepared.

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