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OKC man arrested after meeting to have sex with 15-year-old

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Mark D. Owens, 38 of Oklahoma City was taken into custody at a convenience store located near Mustang Road and Reno Avenue when he arrived to have sex with an undercover Sheriff’s Deputy posing to be a 15-year-old female. Owens admitted to Sheriff Edwards that he was stupid, and should have known better.

The sting started on Tuesday, June 18th when Lieutenant Adam Flowers of the Sheriff’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) unit was contacted by Owens responding to an internet post made by Flowers pretending to be the 15-year-old. Owens responded to the post within three hours, and aggressively pursued meeting for sex.

Owens sent multiple texts detailing what his sexual specialty was, and described a multitude of acts he wanted to perform with the girl.

Being unable to meet on the 18th, Owens made plans with the undercover deputy to meet the following day in the Homeland parking lot at Mustang Road and Reno Ave when he got off work and he stated that he would bring condoms, and marijuana.

On Wednesday, June 19th around noon, Owens sent a text to the undercover deputy stating that he had driven to Mustang at lunch time hoping to find the underage female; as he was very excited about getting together.

Later on Wednesday, deputies set up near the Homeland waiting for Owens’ arrival. Owens was sent a text message through an under-cover phone, where the undercover deputy asked Owens to pick up a couple of cans of Red Bull for a quick a burst of energy.

On Owens arrival, he pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store across the street from the Homeland. Flowers and other investigators observed Owens exit his vehicle and enter the convenience store.

A few minutes later, he emerged with two cans of Red Bull. As he stepped back into his vehicle, Sheriff Randall Edwards, accompanied by other members of the Sheriff’s Office, and two United States Secret Service agents pulled into the parking lot and placed Owens under arrest.

“Im extremely proud of the work Lieutenant Flowers and the other members of the Sheriff’s Office perform protecting the youth of our county. Their dedication, and professionalism are truly making a difference,” said Randall Edwards, Canadian County Sheriff.

Owens was booked into the county jail, with charges of “Facilitating, Encouraging, Offering or Soliciting sexual conduct with a minor; Felony possession of marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Owens remains in the Canadian County Jail where is bond is set at $55,500.00