OKC, top 10 for being single, broke and looking for love

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Our capital is ranked one of the top 10 cities in America for being young, broke and single; this is according to a new poll done by “Money Under 30.” When you think of Oklahoma City, a couple things might come to mind tornadoes and the Thunder.

Now, you can add something else to that list, ranking top 10 for being single and looking for love.

"There's is more and more things to do and its easier meeting people that way," said Rachel Ruyle.

Rachel Ruyle, a working college student is enjoying her independence, but is open to finding the right person, when the time is right.

"I would just like a man that has a plan, he has his career, financially set and looking for love and wants to be serious, not playing games anymore," said Ruyle.

A hope that can become a reality, in which our cameras caught our own Bree Steffen, get engaged to her boyfriend Matt Ridley. She had no idea as she walked around a park in Bricktown working on her own story.

"This is actually one of our very first places we went together," said Steffen.

Little did she know, Ridley was waiting in the same spot where they took their first picture together.

What are you doing?" said Steffen.

Ridley handed Bree his phone, playing a song for her.

"Will you marry me?” said Ridley.

“Are you kidding me? Yes!" screamed Steffen.

"I'm like shaking," said Steffen.

A part of her day she never expected and a happy ending to a love story many Oklahomans are looking for.

"This is like the number one city I'm happiest in. Forget the number 10 rating, this is number one," said Steffen.

MoneyUnder30 says the University of Oklahoma rests just a stone’s throw away in Norman. And if you love warm weather, the average yearly temperature is 72, with an average high of 50 in January. (Of course, the occasional tornado is the tradeoff.)

The local population of 580,000 has grown by 10 percent or more for three consecutive census periods, too. Clearly, something’s happening that’s attracting the young, broke and single.

Employment prospects are good in the local mainstays, the federal government and the energy industry. But Oklahoma City also has a growing info-tech sector that attracts young workers.

A piece of Oklahoma City trivia is that the first-ever parking meter was installed here in 1935. So that’s what got the whole parking meter mess in Chicago started.

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