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Oklahoma company recycles concrete from foundations

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MOORE, OK - Close to 150,000 tons of concrete from homes destroyed by the Moore tornado will be recycled, according to a local company. Once they are removed, the concrete foundations of the homes will be shipped to TJ Campbell Construction Company in Oklahoma City.

"We are going to crunch it up, crush it here, run it through our system, and make gravel out of it," TJC Vice President Mike Thomas said.

The company has partnered with the city to take all of the concrete free of charge. Thomas said they will grind down the pieces and then sell it.

"It is a win-win for everybody. It keeps it out of the landfill, saves the city money, and then we will crunch it up, sell it, and we'll make money on it," Thomas said.

The gravel will be used for construction projects across the metro.