Owner alleges racial discrimination after ‘party mansion’ shut down

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RALEIGH, NC -- Residents of a Raleigh, North Carolina neighborhood say a 15,000-square-foot mansion in their subdivision was built specifically for lavish parties that often attracted hundreds of attendees, drugs and exotic dancers.

Neighbors in the Radcliffe subdivision say Pamela Verbal has used her $2.9 million home as a nightclub since she moved in a year ago, despite appeals by the homeowners association to cease the on-going parties.

Shawn MacArthur, who is a neighbor of the so-called "Mansion," says lavish parties were always the plan for the 15,224-square-foot home situated in the middle of the single-family-home neighborhood.

"I mean, it doesn't even have a mailbox or a doorbell," MacArthur pointed out. "It's just built to party."

Pamela Verbal and her attorney declined to talk on camera about the house's intended use, but maintain she does live in the home.

The HOA has filed a lawsuit against Pamela Verbal, and a Superior Court judge ordered that she can no longer host the parties or have more than five guests in her home at a time.

Pamela Verbal, however, asserts that she's done nothing wrong and "all allegations are false."

"There has not been one report of illegal activity at my home," she said Tuesday. "Have I had parties? Absolutely. Have you seen my home? Have the parties been loud and outrageous? No. My guests have enjoyed my home as well."

Pamela Verbal says she has been targeted by her neighbors for being black and she is being forced out of her neighborhood.

Earlier this month, she put the home up for sale, listing it for $2.95 million.

"There are only three neighbors plus me that make up this Radcliffe HOA," she said. "I feel like the neighbors are targeting me because I am black. My neighbors have stereotyped my guests.

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