Teen thanks tornado savior

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MOORE, OK - A teen is thanking the man who saved her life the day the tornado hit Moore. 15-year-old Queen Moore was underneath the 19th St. bridge. She, a family friend, and 12 others sought shelter there.

"I said, 'God, please let me get through this storm.' I was saying, 'Forgive me for my sins.'," said Moore.

She was praying her last words, preparing for the worst until she saw a sign of hope on the hill. That sign was a man named Del Clark. Clark was with some other men building the nearby Oklahoma Fidelity Bank.

Seeing people under the bridge, the men began yelling. While it might seem like a bridge would be a good protective barrier in a tornado, it's actually very dangerous because not only can debris fly in and hit you, the tornado's power can suck you out.

Clark took those who were under the overpass to the bank vault and that's not all. He and the bank builders let others in off the street, packing it with more than 20 people. Inside, they waited.

"[It was] a lot of hope. Hope that you're not going to be in the line of fire," said Clark.

The 15-year-old and the others walked out alive. For that, she considers Clark, a hero.

"I just want to thank him," said Moore."He risked his life to come out there and tell us we need to come out from under the bridge."

Clark says he just did what any Oklahoman would do.

"Feels great," said Clark. "That you can help somebody in their time of need, and they were real needy so."