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The famous Gold Dome will continue as engineering firm

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It shines proudly from 23rd and Classen. The iconic Gold Dome building. It's worn a lot of hats over the years.

It was originally a bank. Recently this historic landmark has been an event center, a business complex as well as a multicultural gathering place.

Friday, the current owner, David Box announced what the next step is for the Gold Dome. It's being sold to an Edmond based company.

"Teemco is going to renovate it and put their offices here," Box says.

Box and many in the city want to preserve the Gold Dome's existence. They believe it's one of the Oklahoma City's most exciting architectural treasures. It's based on the Geodesic Dome and is patented by Buckminster Fuller. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Now Teemco, an engineering firm, is entering into a co-development deal with Box. Box said the Gold Dome will stay put.

David Box says, "The significance of the design, where it's located, it's an icon that people in Oklahoma love. It's something that means a lot to people from Oklahoma City and it's a great landmark."

Box is a real estate developer intent on refreshing this historic area. He believes this is a big step.

"We're going to develop the land next to it so we're excited about that we're going to meet with the architects to come up with a plan and our goal it to make 23rd better."