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The Savvy Senior talks about the new ‘HurryCane’

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There is a new cane that is designed to help seniors move with confidence. This new cane couldn't come at a better time.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed a startling fact: 47,000 seniors end up in emergency rooms due to a fall while using a cane or walker; every year.

This shocking reality has sparked nationwide fears over the use of typical canes and walkers.

When it comes to choosing a cane for balance and support, most people think a cane is a cane, but there’s a huge difference in quality, comfort and functionality.

One of the best canes on the market today, and recently recognized by the Arthritis Foundation, is the HurryCane.

Designed to mimic the natural movements of the human body, the HurryCane is a lightweight aluminum cane that has a 3-point base and pivots like your ankle joint to provide ultimate stability on all surfaces.

It also stands upright on its own, which is extremely convenient whenever you need your hands free. And if you do happen to accidently knock it over, because of the triangular-shaped base, you don’t need to stoop over to pick it up like you would with a traditional cane. You just gently step on the base with your foot from a standing position to bring it back up to you.

The HurryCane also provides great adaptability if you’re traveling or just going out to dinner, because it’s folds up in seconds and can be stored away in a purse, glove compartment or under your seat. And when you need to use it again, it flips out and self-assembles itself instantly.

Grip comfort is also a priority, as the handle is ergonomically designed, and comes with a silicone cover accessory (sold separately) that provides an extra soft grip that’s easy to hold on to, making it ideal for seniors with arthritis or limited hand strength.

And to accommodate people of all sizes, the HurryCane is height-adjustable ranging from 31½ to 36¼ inches, with a weight capacity of 250-pounds.

Available at for $39.95, or call 800-942-9102

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