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Police shoot deacon’s son during dispute over pastor’s firing

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LEXINGTON, MS -- A police officer opened fire on a gunman outside of a Lexington, Mississippi church Sunday morning, killing him. Investigators say he was carrying a shotgun.

It is a shocking turn of events that church members say involves the ousting of the church pastor. Ada Gibson, 50, said she was standing outside Asia Missionary Baptist Church when her son Cacedric White was shot by a Lexington police officer.

She said he was talking with a Holmes County deputy when it occurred in the rear parking lot.

"I saw him get out of the car. I didn't see him with a gun. I just, next thing I saw, I heard gunshots. That's all and I looked around. I saw him falling, and when I saw him falling and ran over there I told them I said 'Y'all have shot my son,'" said the grieving mother.

Church members said the tragedy unfolded after Lexington police were called to end an altercation when Pastor A. G. Williams Jr. refused to leave.

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