Man accused of killing wife, unborn child, in court for manslaughter

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Blanchard man accused of helping cause the death of his wife and unborn child will head to trial. Justin Adams faces two counts of manslaughter for the death of his pregnant wife Jaymie back in December 2011.

On Wednesday a preliminary hearing was held in that case. A judge decided the case can go to trial.

Prosecutors initially charged Justin Adams with murder. Those charges were later amended to manslaughter.

Prosecutors maintain the couple repeatedly used Craigslist to solicit sex for cash.

One post read, "I'm letting any willing man come and have his way with my wife with a little compensation for us to help with our holiday funding."

One computer expert testified Justin's email was used repeatedly to post the Craigslist ads.

"The evidence is nothing new. I'm going to ask who posted it and they don't know who posted it," said Adams' attorney Irven Box.

Prosecutors believe Joseph Cyr had sex with Jaymie just before her death and DNA taken from Jaymie's body matched of Joseph Cyr.

Cyr is charged with the murder, yet prosecutors continue to claim Justin bears some responsibility for the deaths because he knew of his wife's work as a Craigslist prostitute. The defense calls the manslaughter charge bogus.

"We believe the law will prevail and Justin will be set free.  We mean that.  I've said all along I thought this was not a valid charge," Irven Box says.

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