Police say woman faked pregnancy, tried to steal 3-week-old

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MUNCIE, IN -- A Muncie, Indiana exterminator is accused of trying to steal a 3-week-old baby from her mother after an elaborate fake pregnancy. Police say Judith Ann Walker entered the mother's home under the guise of her exterminator business, then choked the victim and demanded the baby.

"She did tell people she was expecting or had already received a baby," said Muncie Police Lt. Steve Cox.

It was all to make it seem the stolen baby was her own.

"Tried to physically change her appearance, "Cox said. "Try to make it look like she was pregnant at different times."

Walker wore a harness that gave her a fake baby belly. Police say she first drove to the victim's house last month to do an extermination job. That was when she would have first seen the customer's infant.

Investigators say on her last visit she tried to strangle the mother with a lamp cord. The victim fought back while holding the baby, then put her child down to fight off her attacker.

Police are seeking attempted murder and other charges against Walker.

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