Heat taking toll on tornado victims living in tents

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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY -- Weeks after the May 19 tornado tore through the Shawnee area, residents who lost everything are now facing another difficulty: Oklahoma heat.

Tent cities are popping up all over destroyed areas. People are calling these tents "home" because they have nowhere else to go. The triple digit temperatures are now threatening families who survived the tornadoes.

"The deal is dehydration, that`s a main factor." Volunteer Stick Keiner said. "We are always asking for ice. We do have an ice machine over here but we go through over 200 bags a day."

Between residents and volunteers at Steelman Estates, they go through 60 cases of water and Gatorade a day trying to beat the heat and stay out of the hospital. Crews say they desperately need donations like diesel, generators, small A/C units, and 100-foot extension cords.

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