June auto sales in the U.S. best in years

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DETROIT -- All of the big three automakers had increased sales in June that made it the most successful month in years. GM's sales figures rose 6.5 percent. Chrysler gained 8 percent, and Ford was up 14 percent.

Japanese automakers had a great June, as well as Toyota, Nissan and Honda all recorded double digit increases.

"New car, retail, fleet and used cars is the healthiest we've seen since 2007," said Former Chrysler President Bob Lutz.

Like other manufacturers, G-M says its increase was driven by truck sales, especially to small business owners.

"Those owners that, you know, buy 4 or less trucks for their small businesses.. that was up 40-percent," said Kurt McNeil, GM/ Vice President of U.S. Sales.

Sales of Ford's F-series trucks were up to 24 percent from last June.

"One, you have pent-up demand, people that have old trucks that need to be replaced. Also, at the same time you've got a housing market that's recovering," said CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

With June's employment figures to be released Friday, these increased sales figures might help the job market.