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Teens order tacos, get $3,600 instead

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KENTWOOD, Mich. – We could all learn a thing from a group of people who found something else in their Taco Bell bag besides burritos and chalupas.

Phil Dawson talked to the Good Samaritans about what they found in their order Saturday night and what they did with it.

“I opened my bag to get my food and it ended up being three bags of money, a lot of money and then another wad of like a ton of $20s,” customer Kennidi Rue said.

Their bags had about $3,600 together.

“I’m like, what do we do with this, all this money,’” Rue said. “Of course initially you want to keep it but then we’re like, what’s the right thing to do?”

“You see a big bunch of money and you’re like, let’s keep this, thTaco Bell teens closeis will be awesome but then you’re like no, someone’s going to lose their job, let’s bring this back,” Luke Postma said.

The three customers brought back the money bags.

“We went in, the lady we met her  and she has just a stone-cold look on her face and we brought it in and she just started on the spot losing it, she was crying, she was I guess pretty happy,” Postma said.

This isn’t the first wrong order the boys have received, just the most expensive one.

“You always got to catch as soon as you’re going to leave you always gotta check so you’re not five miles down the road with the wrong order,” Grant Kruse said.

Or in this case, $3,600 in cash.

“It’s probably the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said.

Rue is a recent high school graduate set to study nursing in the fall.

Kruse is her boyfriend.

Postma and Kruse are National Guard Soldiers who recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.