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Easy ways to soothe stubborn sunburns

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It’s something we’ve all had at one time or another.

Families enjoying the beautiful weather this holiday will be seeing their fair share of sunburns.

While you may turn to sunscreen to protect your skin before a burn can happen, there are also a few things you can do after you get a sunburn to speed up the healing process..

Aloe Vera is a popular moisturizer that can help with the pain and promote healing.

Dr. Curt Littler said, “And you can actually refrigerate the Aloe Vera and get it cool and that cooling is helpful too.”

Doctors say over-the-counter Hydrocortisone creme can help with the itching but you need to apply a cool compress first.

Dr. Littler said, “You can take a wash cloth or hand towel, soak it in very cold water and then just apply it to the skin for five to 10 minutes.”

Besides water, that compress can also be soaked in cool milk or tea where lactic acid can help soothe the skin.

Experts also suggest taking aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve some of the pain.

Dr. Littler said, “If you do that immediately after the sunburn, as soon as you possibly can, it does decrease the inflammation.”

Physicians say you don’t want to use products like Noxzema or vitamin creams on your skin.