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Firework frights: Keeping dogs calm on July 4

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Independence Day can be a nightmare for pet owners.

Fireworks can scare a dog so much it might run away.

Every owner seems to have their own tricks to keeping man’s best friend calm on July 4.

Some pick up their dogs, holding them close so they feel secure.

Many give treats in hopes it is enough of a distraction.

Others give their four-legged friends medicine to relax them and help them sleep.

A few swear by the “ThunderShirt,” a piece of clothing designed to calm your pet.

There is even a dog-appeasing pheromone you can plug into the wall.

Veterinarian Bill Wright said puppies exposed to fireworks are more likely to show fear later in life.

His advice is to keep your dog in a crate to give them a sense of comfort.

If a crate isn’t available, Dr. Wright suggests keeping your dog in an interior room of your home.