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Oklahomans spend big bucks celebrating Independence Day

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For many celebrating Independence Day, fireworks are a key part of the equation, but for the past couple of years, a large portion of the state has been under a burn ban. Not so this year.

Families were swarm the Fireworks Warehouse Wednesday, filling their carts. However, one man, Brandon English, was filling his truck bed. English drove from Paoli and dropped $2,000 on the haul.

"We have a smorgasbordĀ of fire works," said English.

That's what the Fireworks Warehouse owner, Kent Herzog, likes to hear. The past two years, Herzog has dealt with burn ban set backs.

Now, his store is packed with 20 percent more people than last year. "Sales are brisk," said Herzog. "We've had a real wet year, and the customers have been purchasing a lot of items."

Herzog won't have final sale numbers until Saturday, but he says on average, families are spenging $80.

"When I was a kid, mom and dad always got fireowrks, sparklers, bottle rockets, roman candles," said one customer David Pemberton, "I had them all so we want the same experience for our kids."

As for English, he plans to share this with all his neighbors in Paoli. "Everybody in the whole town shows up," said English. "It's only an hour worth of fire works, but it's lots of good memories for the whole year."