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Boats collide on Lake Eufaula

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EUFAULA, OK -- At Lake Eufaula there is a man is still missing in the water following a hit and run boating accident on the July 4th holiday.

The lake patrol says a ski-boat was traveling about 30 miles per hour when it hit the bow of an anchored boat and went airborne; landing right on top of a third pontoon boat with ten people on-board.

It happened near Eufaula Cove and Sherwood Point. Officials say instead of staying to help, the driver of the first boat took off instead.

A passenger identified as 55-year-old, Gary McIninch, remains missing.

Two little girls, ages six and seven, were hurt and taken by Tulsa Life Flight for medical treatment with head and leg injuries.

The highway patrol is still looking for the hit-and-run boat which is described as a 20-foot ski boat with both white and dark colors.