UPDATE: Elderly woman dies after third home invasion, beating

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UPDATE: The 94-year-old woman who was beaten in her third home invasion has died from her injuries.
Authorities confirmed Evelyn Goodall died after a suspect broke into her home and attacked her July 5. 
Police are still looking for a suspect and don't have much of a description. 

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A woman in her nineties was taken to the hospital after being beaten during a home invasion this morning. Unfortunately this is not the first time.

Her neighbors are pretty frustrated right now thinking about how someone could do this to their friend who is over 90-years-old, in the morning while she was eating her breakfast. They say she's survived these brutal attacks three times now because she fights back.

Neighbor Frank Herndon says, “It`s pretty bold when you`re coming at 6:30 am, sun's up and people are going to work,”

Frank Herndon has lived down the street from her for years and has helped her get through three home invasions. Since she's hard of hearing she couldn't tell someone had even broken in until they were standing right next to her.

“The first time they came in through the restroom and just took toiletry stuff,” says Herndon. “The second time they came through the front door. The third time they cut their way into this back door. She`s 90-something years old I believe and she just can`t hear it.”

To the best of his knowledge she is the only one on their street who is being targeted.

"This basically is a quiet neighborhood, has been for years,” says Herndon. “Like I said, she is the only one who is ever been messed with, so it almost leads back to where maybe it is just the same group of people that are doing it.”

After each break-in they've tried to do something to protect her.

“She`s got door stops that have alarms on them, but she can't hear them,” says Herndon. “She can't hear them.”

She has survived each time and Herndon doesn't have any doubts that she'll survive this time.

Herndon says, “I give her kudos. She fights back.”

Her family built this house years ago and as they passed she stayed. Neighbors say they are all she has now.

“In the winter time I cook meals for her and the summertime I`ll cook meals for her,” says Herndon. “But everybody here knows her. She walks these streets and I guarantee you, you can go on that side, or all the way to Portland on the other side; she knows them because she walks.”

And because she walks her neighbor frank Herndon says she knows all and sees all.

“She was the neighborhood watch,” says Herndon. “You couldn't come over to anybody`s place over here, that she didn't know, she would confront you.”

Despite that she’s been attacked here three times. Other than her age, neighbors say intruders think she's an easy target because of trees that surround her house.

“If I could have seen where the trees are there I might have had a chance to help her,” says Herndon. “But those trees are coming down. I can promise you that.”

Herndon says she's a feisty woman; so convincing her to let him do that won't be easy.

“She can hate me all she wants to,” says Herndon. “The last time I cut some back she wouldn't speak to me for about two months and that was after the last time it happened to her.”

He also says she’s as kind-hearted as they come so he will do anything to make sure she stays safe.

“I guess now we`re going to have to start really, really checking on her,” says Herndon. “But I know I`m going to get rid of some of those trees. I know that for a fact.”

Police don't have any suspect information yet but say they will be getting that from her as soon as possible.