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Mother and seven children still living in wooden boxes after tornado

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LITTLE AXE - When Cathy Talbott talks about her kids, she can't help but smile. After losing their house in the May 19th tornado that tore through Little Axe, her kids are one of the few things she has left.

It's been a huge challenge for her finding a place to stay with seven children, including three with special needs.

"And being in a situation like this and not having the routine or the stability, it is hard on them." Talbott said.

Talbott says false hope is also hard on the kids after offers of help have fallen through. Right now they're having to make do with living in boxes that are 6ftx10ft, so small that you can touch the ceiling and walls with your fingertips.

"It`s been up and down. It`s scary because we don`t know what`s going to happen next," Talbott said.

Despite an uncomfortable living situation, Talbott spends her time volunteering with an organization called "Tammy's Little Axe Angels", selflessly helping families in the same position as hers.

"Found them help, brought them meals, and water and stuff like that. That has been incredibly uplifting," she said.

Talbott has now become the voice of the victims. It's a job she wouldn't have chosen for herself, but that she gladly accepted when her family and her small community needed help.

"There`s families that are not comfortable with talking and that`s one of the biggest reasons I stepped forward is to say that we do need help and we need people to step forward," Talbott said.

Talbott said she has not gotten any help from FEEMA or insurance because the house she was living in, along with some of her possessions, were not legally in her name. The biggest thing they need right now is a stable place to stay.

A donation fund is set up at any Chase Bank under the Cathy Talbot Gift Relief Fund.

You can also drop donations off in Little Axe. Some of the biggest things they need right now are generators, small air conditioners, heavy duty extension cords, and gift cards for the families.