Sheriff’s search for suspect who killed two brothers

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ARCADIA, Okla. - The search for an accused killer continues in Oklahoma County.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff has identified the man they said they believe killed two brothers Thursday night in Arcadia.

The sound of fireworks blended with gunshots Thursday night.

"I might have heard an extra loud bang or two but didn't pay any attention to it," neighbor Tamara Stephens said.

Neighbors like Tamara did pay attention when they noticed two brothers, Donald and Diallo Scott, gunned down dead in the street.

"I was like wow! They're laying there dead for real," said Stephens.

"They go out there every 4th of July. It was a family gathering," said Oklahoma County sheriff John Whetsel.

Sheriff Whetsel says the brothers came to Arcadia to celebrate the fourth at a relatives home before the violence erupted. The cause remains unclear.

Police have released a picture of the vehicle Harjo is believed to be driving. The car is a brown 1984 Buick LeSabre with Oklahoma license plate 889-GKO.

"We believe something happened at the home to precipitate the shooting, but we're not sure what yet," said Whetsel.

The suspected triggerman, Garrett Harjo, fled the scene with another relative. Harjo may be driving an 80's model brown Buick.

Unfortunately, witnesses remained reluctant to speak up.

"The most familiar phrase we heard was, 'I didn't see anything,' and that's frustrating," said Whetsel.

The sheriff says the brothers are alleged members of the street gang the Bloods. The suspect has alleged ties to the Crips. That feud may have been a factor in the violence.

"There's a rivalry between those two gangs, regardless of where in the United States," said Whetsel. "They have no love for one another and that plays out from time to time."

"It was only a matter of time they got out here. It's in the cities," said Stephens.

The victims did have a history of arrests for drugs and firearms.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to contact the Oklahoma County sheriff's department.