Yukon mom making a difference in a little girl’s life

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In this Pay it 4ward segment we meet a little girl who had a truly traumatic start to life. She was born with multiple health problems and then severely neglected. Police say she was not taken out of her crib for four years.

Flash forward 5 years; she is now in a loving home in Yukon. Her health problems are still extreme, but there is hope.

Enveloped in her mommy’s arms nine-year-old Alexis is one happy little girl; cuddling with mom now part of every day. Perhaps more than some children, since she missed out on so much her first four years of her life.

“She was severely malnourished. She was four-year-old and weighed 20 pounds. She had been left in her crib her entire life so her hair was bald on the back of her head and her head was flat,” Gerilyn Gilbert says.

She was severely neglected by her parents and found living in squalor.

Gilbert says, “There was a dead cat in the back of the house that had been decomposing for a couple of months.”

Rachel Richardson of Yukon is a special education teacher and she knew she had special skills to give a child Alexis’ condition.

Richardson adopted her daughter Rachel when she was nine. She has severe cerebral palsy and epilepsy. They face so many medical trials and tribulations.

Alexis can have as many as 30 life threatening seizures a day.

“Eventually they were recommended to get a service dog. And the dog comes at a cost of $8,000 which isn’t covered with insurance,” Gilbert says.

But now that service dog, which is named Boss, is coming to join the family which is why Gerilyn nominated Rachel Richardson and Alexis for pay it 4ward.

Gerilyn Gilbert says, “I’d like to introduce you to Amie from spirit bank. She has something for you. On behalf of spirit bank and channel 4 I would like to present you with $400 towards a service dog.”

“This dog will allow a lot of relief from that because this dog will be able to detect seizures and alert Rachel and even activate a magnetic implant that will stop the seizures; it just that, alone, opens up a whole new world for them.”

Alexis is making strides every day.

“She’s an amazing little girl and anyone who’s taken the time to meet her has been changed by her,” Richardson says.

This mom’s not sure about the future but making the most of every day.

“What can I do today? What can I do to make her life meaningful today?” Richardson asks all the time. “To have the chance to fulfill her purpose for however long she is with me.”

They still have to raise $4,000 more dollars to pay for the service dog “Boss.”

If you are interested in donating we’ve set up a link to the fund for Alexis:
You can help by donating to the Paws for Alexis Give Forward account.

Checks can also be mailed to:
Quail Springs C of C Help Ministry
14401 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Write “Service dog” in the memo line

You can also go here to donate:

And if you know of someone who should be nominated for our pay it 4 ward program go here: