Man killed in hit-and-run boating accident, attorney meeting with DA

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EUFAULA, Okla. - Gary McIninch, 55, was catapulted from his pontoon boat when a ski boat slammed into him.

His body wasn't found until two days later on Saturday night.

OHP officials said an attorney is scheduled to meet with the McIntosh County district attorney Monday concerning a fatal boat accident that happened on Lake Eufala July 4.

The driver of the boat who caused the accident took off from the scene of the accident and authorities are still searching for him.

An attorney for either that driver or another passenger on that boat is supposed to meet with the DA Monday.

"For something to happen that senseless, you know, it shocked me," McIninch's nephew, Darren McIninch, said.

McIninch said the family was relieved that his uncle's body had been recovered.

"That is closure for us on that area and then the part of finding the person that did it," McIninch said. "I can't see how somebody could do that."

"We've got word out all over this lake and a lot of people you know we could just pass the word and help start looking for boats, because most boaters are helpful," OHP trooper Danny Choat said. "If they see a boat that fits this description with damage on it, they'll call."

McIninch said his uncle comes from a very large family and that he has always been the rock of that family.

"When we had family reunions or anything like that, he was the one that gave the prayer, you know, he was just a stand up guy," McIninch said.

Two of McIninch's grand-daughters were also injured in that crash.

They have been released from the hospital.

The family plans to hold Gary McIninch's funeral on Saturday.

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