CT scan for children increases risks for radiation exposure

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Many parents may not be aware of the risks involved with CT scans of kids' heads.

Researchers surveyed 742 parents and found most thought the radiation exposure from a CT scan was similar to an x-ray, when it's actually much higher and carries a slightly increased risk for future cancer.

The majority of parents said they'd go through with it if a doctor thought it was necessary to examine a child's head injury.

During the past twenty years there's been a big push to get parents to put their newborn babies to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk for sudden infant death syndrome.

It's largely worked with a side effect. A new study says nearly half of 2-month-old babies have a flat spot on the back of their head. Many cases are mild.

Helmets can usually correct it but researchers say pediatricians may want to discuss ways of preventing it before the 2-month well child visit.

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