Oklahoma pharmacy burglarized twice in one night

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NICOMA PARK, OK -- Pharmacist John Blomgren thought he'd taken every precaution. Westminster Family Drug has motion detectors and security cameras.

Blomgren said, "The guy was walking past the motion detectors. It never went off. two times!"

Store surveillance shows the intruder break into Westminster Family Drug around 5:00 am Sunday and he boldly returns about 45 minutes later.

According to Blomgren, "He must have been sitting and watching for police to come and when he didn't see anything happen he came back in."

The burglar shattered three glass doors to the adjoining 50's diner, marched right past the cameras and straight to the aisle with high dollar pain killers.

Blomgren said, "This is the area he took the medication. 18 inches of space $7,000 hard medication. Street value is probably 10 to 100 times that."

The thief also rifled through the drawers and found a loaded Smith and Wesson. The suspect tried to protect his identity under a shirt but investigators say the "star tattoos" on his right arm are a dead giveaway.

Nicoma park Police Chief, Rob Groseclose said, "It appears he has one arm that's got quite a bit of tattoo work done to it. He's covered his head as best as he could but there is still somebody out there who will recognize this guy."

Police hope he's caught soon because prescription drugs and a loaded firearm can be a dangerous combination.

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