Beating the heat in tornado ravaged Moore

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MOORE, OK -- Cleaning up the tornado damage in Moore is hard enough Now imagine how difficult that can be in this heat.

One relief organization is not letting triple-digit temperatures stop them. A collaboration of churches and volunteer groups called "Serve Moore" is getting bottled water from all over the country.

They're taking that water out into neighborhoods throughout the city, offering hydration to homeowners, contractors and other volunteers groups. Mother nature has also forced them to scout areas earlier in the day and later in the evening.

"The heat presents a problem," said Chris Fox with "Serve Moore."  "It makes things a little more difficult in the same way torrential rain and flooding made it difficult in the weeks immediately following the tornado."

The Red Cross and United Way say they've moved to long-term relief efforts, but remind people to check out "cool zones" on their websites - places to cool off for a while during the middle of the day.

The Regional Food Bank also has water available at their distribution center in Moore.